The Sevic V500 durability will far exceed our end users needs expectations, thus ensuring it will be on the job, working hard making and saving money.


Light and efficient


Designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle instead of converted from a gas or diesel vehicle, the Sevic V500 is light and aerodynamic.




The Sevic V500 robust component and full vehicle design was not only repeatedly tested, refined and retested in computer simulation but also in real world crash testing.


Low cost maintenance


The Sevic V500 low cost maintenance and operation can be 1/6 the cost of a traditional vehicle in its class.




With its slim dimensions, short turning radius and generous cargo capacity, it meets the needs of urban logistics delivery operations.




Built in intelligence for efficient operation and increased safety.

The Sevic V1000 can be customized in many configurations, box, flatbed,refrigerated box, pickup with rack ...The innovative nature of Metro also makes the cargo box an ideal advertising place for your business!


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